about me: I really do not know what I write here about me, but I think that's the basics (^v^) .

Already anticipate apologizing for the bad english.

✮ i am a girl and my name is Karina.
✮ i'm 16 years old and do birthday on September 22.
✮ currently living in Brazil.
✮ i'm actually a really lazy person and i procrastinate so much i’m sorry
✮ am a person super shy.
✮ oh yes, i'm a hopeless romantic ~ (´∀`)♥
✮ Rin Okumura is the man of my life ~
✮ Neon Genesis Evangelion, Haikyuu !!, Clannad, Naruto and SNK ♥
✮ passion for k-fashion
✮ i love Studio Ghibli <3
✮ errhh ~ do not know what else to write here.
✮ tag about me here
✮ feel free to ask me < ><

Thanks for reading and have a nice day ^^ !